David C. Perkins is a general law practitioner who desires to serve his community by delivering high quality representation at a reasonable price. He keeps his clients informed of the status of their matters and attempts to explain the law involved. He strives to be available to speak with his clients by phone and at his office location. He understands the legal process may have lasting effects on his client and his client's family. He keeps this in mind while working hard to get his clients favorable results.

Candidate for District Court Judge

David C. Perkins is running for the office of District Court Judge presiding over both LaRue and Hart Counties; District Court Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit. He filed his letter of intent with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance on October 29, 2019 to begin his campaign.

One of the many things making Mr. Perkins the right selection for Judge is that he has not always been and attorney and has a diverse life experience that gives him the ability to be understanding of a wide range of persons. He grew up on a small farm in Buffalo, LaRue County, Kentucky. While growing up he helped with cattle, pigs, corn, tobacco, hay, and more. He spent many a weekend and evening after school loading and unloading hay for his grandfather Clarence Chaney and helped many of his grandfather's neighbors on Mt. Tabor Road in Buffalo, Kentucky with their farms. He enjoyed every minute of the sweat, sore muscles, and the camaraderie that comes with hard work involved with farming. He joined the Army (8 year term) as a medic via the deferred entry program in 1992, attended basic training at Ft. Jackson prior to his senior year of High school, then returned to graduate LaRue County High School in 1993. Prior to opening his own law Practice, he worked as a Wal-Mart employee, over the road truck driver, non-emergency medical transport driver, repairman, Amazon warehouse associate, public school instructional assistant, and staff attorney for a Family Court Judge. Aside from his varied work experiences, Mr. Perkins has two children ages 13 and 5, is an extra class amateur radio operator (call sign KE4JZJ), enjoys practicing and teaching martial arts, is a beekeeper, and cares for his few chickens and ducks at his modest home in Hart County, Kentucky. Mr. Perkins has had the lifetime goal of helping people but it was 2006, prior to his first child being born, that he started working toward the goal of becoming a Judge so that he could serve the people.

Some persons have told Mr. Perkins that a Candidate for Judge needs to set themselves apart and above the people; Mr. Perkins disagrees with those persons. It is Mr. Perkins firm belief that the people of Hart and LaRue Counties need someone like him, because he is one of the people, he understands their individual perspectives, he is fair and unbiased, and patient and understanding. David C. Perkins with all his life experiences is the right person to be your next District Court Judge for LaRue and Hart Counties.

Please vote for David C. Perkins in the 2022 election.

You can follow his campaign on Facebook by searching @PerkinsForElection

David C. Perkins' campaign is being financed via Elect David C. Perkins and all campaign activities are being paid for by the same.